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Rec Sports Expansion: Where are we now?


The Rec Sports expansion is underway, as we continue to make progress towards finishing the project! The new gymnasiums, located on the south side of the facility, broke ground last fall.  Early this spring we poured the elevated concrete slabs and laid out the columns.  The next step in the process will be building the exterior walls for the new gymnasia’s!

“It’s really exciting if you look at the south side of the building, they should be installing steel this week. It’s beginning to take shape and looks like a structure,” said Texas A&M Rec Sports Senior Associate Director, Rick Hall.


We are also currently in the process of building the new indoor lap pool.  The crawlspace has officially been dug out and our plan is to be drilling the foundation piers by the end of this week.  For those who do not know what the crawlspace is, it the basement beneath the pool used for maintenance. Once the piers have been completed, we will then start construction on the main floor of the new indoor lap pool.


As for the weight room expansion; due to quite a bit of rain in the last few weeks, extra effort has been put in to make sure the project stays on track. The foundation piers for the weight room expansion portion of the project are complete, and grade beams are currently being poured into place. The next steps in the process will include the pouring of the concrete slab, followed by the preliminary phases for the construction of the exterior walls.


Starting Monday, February 23, courts 3 & 4 and part of the track will be CLOSED from 6:00am – 4:30pm, Monday through Friday until further notice.

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